#Hot&New | Awasi Patagonia to Open November 2013

I always loved BREAKING NEWS, so it’s now my turn to announce the opening of AWASI in Patagonia.

Yes I’m breaking the news before L’Officiel voyages, before Vogue and before CondeNast (this is how good this blog is )!

Maybe you know the already existing Awasi Atacama? Probably the best hotel of the beautiful northern region of Chile, very exclusive (one room, one private guide !) and charming (well if you like north africa decadence).

So please ladies and gentleman… Let me introduce you this new sexy hotel…. Awasi Patagonia

Few words

  • Private guide and 4×4 vehicule atached to each villa !
  • 15,000 acre private nature reserve
  • 12 villas
  • Taking a bath while looking at Las Torres (Del Paine!)
  • Felipe Assadi was the architect (Terrantia Hotel in San pedro De Atacama, Terminal 2 Mexico Airport…)

Few pics

psvHCxUeIhxHRkP-TKiIXbBQxkgQl27MX2oxu5e10BUAF_qYPK7JjGzDjpeA9tXk3K1R2fAX6nepe_AvmVsoAU,vdP02YuC0Tuoc5d_pgQB9KPfZMMb7QgmH03f3ugEdbI nPI10XoNYQ5L4a5Gwmdt93pMozGB784cWOAF2udwSUo,jJqQoKNCFAU05eu_82E-rC5qWSkcvzB6p2J15dpNnacPatagonia map !

To sum up :

PACK YOUR BAG (with sunscreen) AND GO !


(Awasi Patagonia is now accepting reservations for stays starting November 15th, 2013.)


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